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Hey There

We are Greg and Katie, Hinto and Nootka (dogs), Lucifer and Neb (goats), Pepperoni (cat), Sweetie, Cranbaby, Beeboo, ZooZoo, Stormy, Lashawnda, Brenda, Susan, Bilkey and Silkie, Guinea bums, Nana and Granny, Mary kate and Ashley, Moira, and many more (chickens).

About This Off Grid Life

Here at This Off Grid Life, we are all about chasing dreams, living self-sufficiently and sharing our alternative lifestyle. Greg found our five acre property in 2018 with dreams of building a small, off-grid home to grow old in. After living as roommates and friends, we soon realized we were in love and both shared the dream of living an alternative lifestyle. Fast forward three years and those dreams are becoming a reality and we have started building our new home.

By becoming a patron, you are giving us the opportunity to continue creating our videos and inspiring others that are interested in alternative lifestyles and leaving a smaller footprint on our beautiful Earth.

Katie + Greg

Above the Clouds

Proudly Located in

Beautiful British Columbia



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